Full-Service Management In Flagstaff And Northern Arizona


We understand that management directly reflects on your property’s value, which is why we are so dedicated to providing the protection and attention your investments need to perform well. Whether it’s a single-family home, condo, townhome or apartment building, Pollock Properties, Inc. will take care of all the details required to generate maximum rental income and retain tenants. Day in and day out, we are there for you, your property and your renters.

Our full-service property management includes marketing vacancies, screening tenants, addressing tenant concerns, managing maintenance activities, taking late-night phone calls, conducting inspections, enforcing lease conditions, accounting and more. Our experience in the Flagstaff rental market has taught us how to navigate the often complex rental process to produce consistently good results. While you can’t predict every potential problem, you can hire a team that has the experience, resources and market knowledge to address any issues that come up. We are that team – here to make sure your interests are protected.

If you own rental property in Flagstaff or Northern Arizona, please get in touch with our team to discuss your management needs. Put our team to work for you and your property!

Pollock Properties, Inc., provides a range of services to protect your investments and ensure a pleasant environment for your residents:

  • Marketing vacant units through signs, this web site, newspaper advertising, broadcasting to businesses, and networking with local agents.
  • Leasing, including preparing lease documents and relevant addenda, signing on your behalf, and updating documents to comply with changes in the Arizona Landlord/Tenant Act and other statutes.
  • Qualifying tenants by checking credit, verifying income, running criminal background checks, and reviewing landlord and/or personal references.
  • Enforcing lease conditions firmly.
  • Interfacing with tenants as needed to satisfy their needs without jeopardizing your position in terms of unnecessary costs. The success of your investment depends on satisfied tenants and maximum occupancy.
  • Conducting inspections to assess general condition of your property, both exterior and interior.
  • Managing and supervising maintenance activities, including developing routine / preventative maintenance schedules. Our associates are on call 24 hours a day to take care of emergencies. Every effort is made to provide quality service at a reasonable cost; when appropriate, repairs are billed to tenants to cover property damage.
  • Processing expenses by checking invoices for accuracy and by paying promptly. If requested, we can process mortgage payments.
  • Accounting. Pollock Properties keeps complete tenant accounts, data files, and records of disbursements for future reference.
  • Monthly reporting of all income and disbursements for the owner or owner representative.
  • Handling collections. Although it rarely comes down to this, we take whatever actions are appropriate, including enforcing late charges, reconciling security deposit returns, and billing past tenants for money due upon move-out. When necessary, we work with you, your attorney, or our attorney (who specializes in property management issues) for timely evictions and we involve credit-collection agencies.
  • Rent scheduling, which entails periodically reviewing competitive rents in the area to ensure maximum income with minimal vacancies.